Motorcycle Insurance

The right stuff.

Maybe this bike is a new “love.” Or maybe you’ve been together a long time. Regardless, your motorcycle needs the best protection out there. And you both deserve the great coverage, competitive prices and peace of mind that comes with having Motorcycle Insurance with the Roger W. Dwyer Agency.

Roger W. Dwyer Agency now insures almost all motorcycles, including custom ones. And because we have over 100 different classifications, you’ll get a competitive rate that’s specific to your type of motorcycle. You can also get up to 40% savings on your premium with a variety of discounts. Not to mention Accident Forgiveness and 24-hour claim service.

So check out Roger W. Dwyer Agency ‘s Motorcycle lnsurance and get the biggest bang for your buck.

What’s in it for you.

Freedom of choice, peace of mind and the chance to save money. Those are just a few of the options available with a Roger W. Dwyer Agency Motorcycle policy. Check out the coverage options below.

Coverage for repairs to your motorcycle if it is damaged in an accident.

Comprehensive: Coverage for damage caused by falling objects, fire, theft, vandalism and many other non-collision losses.

Liability: Includes coverage for damages you are obligated to pay because of bodily injury to others and property damage.

Lease/Loan Gap: Pays the difference between the Actual Cash Value of the bike and the amount remaining on the loan or lease, in the event of a total loss or theft when you have Comprehensive and Collision coverage.

Want a little something extra?

Not every rider has the same protection needs. That’s why we have several different optional coverages you can buy.

Optional Equipment Coverage: Protects you from loss to any optional or added equipment not installed by the manufacturer. It includes such items as crash bars, custom seats, sissy bars, windshields, fairings, saddle bags and more.

With a Motorcycle policy from the Roger W. Dwyer Agency, you have $1,000 of coverage included when you purchase Comprehensive coverage. But you can also purchase up to an additional $30,000 of coverage to help protect optional equipment you’ve added to your bike.

Towing: Covers the cost of motorcycle towing when you need roadside assistance. This coverage is included for all Harley Davidson, Touring and Touring Sport motorcycles. And it’s available for all bikes as an additional purchase.

Rental Reimbursement: Covers the cost of renting an automobile if your motorcycle is damaged or stolen.

Quality insurance and low rates ride with the Roger W. Dwyer Agency.

In addition to our great coverage and competitive rates, we also offer a variety of discounts. You could save up to 40% off your premium. Answer the following questions to see if you might qualify for one or more of these discounts:

  • Have you had motorcycle insurance with another company within the last thirty days?
  • Are you a good rider (no accidents, no major violations, no Comprehensive losses, and no more than one minor violation in the past 60 months)?
  • Are you a member of a motorcycle organization?
  • Do you own more than one motorcycle?
  • Have you completed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course?
  • Do you have a homeowners, condominium or auto policy with Roger W. Dwyer Agency ?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, contact your agent to find out how much you could save. Remember, it could be up to 40%.

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