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Protect your home. Protect your family.

For most people, buying a house means you’ve made it. After all, it takes a lot of hard work to get there. At the Roger W. Dwyer Agency, we can help you protect what you’ve worked hard for — your home and family.

An Agent who cares about you. A company that responds to you.

So you know you have someone who understands your insurance needs. Who will be there from the beginning, always ready to help.

The Roger W. Dwyer Agency is a company with a long history of helping customers through tough times.

Let’s say, for example, a fire damages your house. As a result, you have additional living expenses while repairs are completed. Those expenses would come out of your pocket — but your homeowners’ insurance pays covered expenses for you, up to policy limits. Even more, Roger W. Dwyer Agency will help you make the claim process as quick and easy as possible.

What the Roger W. Dwyer Agency can do for you.

We offer different coverage options to help you get the protection you need. Check out the coverage descriptions below to learn more.

Dwelling: pays for damage to your insured home due to a covered loss, like lightning or fire.

Contents Coverage: provides protection for covered loss to your movable property, like a stereo, bicycle, furniture or clothing.

Additional Living Expenses: if a covered loss makes your home (or part of your home) uninhabitable, this coverage helps you pay the reasonable increase in living expenses necessary to maintain your normal standard of living.

Family Liability: if someone is accidentally injured or their property is damaged in a covered incident, this coverage provides protection for damages that you are legally obligated to pay. This protection does not cover auto liability claims.

Buy what you need – No more, no less.

Homeowners’ insurance from the Roger W. Dwyer Agency will cover the basics. But maybe you have some special needs — more liability coverage for your family or extra protection for your wedding ring. That’s where optional coverages can be helpful. You get to decide what’s right for you, what you need to protect your family and your home. Take a minute to look at some examples of optional coverages listed below.

Optional Endorsements: include coverage for a variety of specific needs.

  • Jewelry
  • Sports equipment
  • Business property

You can get a list of available endorsements from Roger W. Dwyer.

Speaking of insurance.

Most people have heard of these common insurance words. But here’s a helpful refresher course on what they mean.

Covered Peril an event causing damage to your home or property that is covered by your insurance. Fire, lightning, and wind and hail damage are some examples of covered perils.

Deductible the amount of repair or replacement costs that you’re responsible for paying before insurance pays.

Endorsement changes the language of your policy. It may add to or restrict your current coverages, limits or policy terms.

Limit the maximum amount that may be paid by your insurance company for a covered loss.

Policy another name for your insurance contract. Your policy includes your policy jacket, declarations pages, and applicable endorsements.

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