Specialty – Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Quality protection for a range of riders.

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance from the Roger W. Dwyer Agency includes protection designed for your:

  • ATV
  • Snowmobile
  • Trail bike
  • Golf cart
  • Utility vehicle
  • Dune buggy
  • Go cart
  • Segway®

When you consider that your homeowners policy may not cover much (if any) of the cost if your off-road vehicle gets damaged or totaled, an off-road vehicle policy makes a lot of sense. Without it, any losses associated with your off-road vehicle may come right out of your pocket.

Get a policy that can handle your off-road adventures.
The Roger W. Dwyer Agency offers insurance policies that are specific to your off-road vehicle and the risks you could face. Each one provides coverage to help protect you and your vehicle.

Physical Damage Coverage
Your off-road vehicle can be insured for just about any off-road hazard that could cause direct physical loss or damage. Examples of insured hazards include theft, fire, collision, damage-in-transit and vandalism. The policy may also cover your trailer and equipment, including helmets, covers, accessories, etc.

Liability Coverage
Liability coverage typically provides coverage for you or any member of your household if they are legally responsible for accidentally injuring or killing someone, or damaging another person’s property. Optional higher limits for liability coverage are available for an additional premium.

Medical Payments Coverage
If you, your passengers or members of your household are in a covered accident in your off-road vehicle, most of your medical expenses will be paid. Optional higher limits for this coverage are available for an additional premium.

Save money with a discount.

Ask Roger Dwyer about what discounts are available. You could qualify for a discount if you:

  • Transfer your current off-road vehicle policy to the Roger W. Dwyer Agency
  • Have two or more policies with the Roger W. Dwyer Agency
  • Take a safety course

To learn more about coverage for your off-road vehicle, talk to Roger Dwyer today.

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