Commercial – Customizer for Business Owners

Isn’t it Time You Had a Hand in Designing Your Own Business Insurance Program?

It’s no longer practical for every business to have exactly the same insurance protection.

Instead of choosing between insurance policies that are pre-made for every business type, you should be involved in creating an insurance plan to suit your own specific needs.

You need flexible coverage you help design . . . coverage which will give you a unique insurance program to protect your business. And you need it at an affordable price!

Choose The Customizer Policy

Roger W. Dwyer understands your needs. That’s why we’ve designed a business owners policy that may be different from any you’ve ever seen before — the Customizer policy.

The Customizer policy can provide you with a flexible business owners insurance program you can individualize to suit your specific needs. All at a very competitive price!

A Flexible Insurance Program to Meet Your Personal Business Needs
No one wants to carry more or less insurance than is truly needed — this could be expensive and unnecessary. Roger Dwyer believes in insuring your business to its full property value — without including extra coverages you may not need, but which may be automatically built into another policy.

The Customizer policy for business owners can keep up with your new ideas, new additions, and changing needs.

The Customizer Policy Offers You . . .

Business Property Protection
The Customizer policy offers you a choice of two different ways to insure your business property — Special Form and Named Peril. Either way, coverage for your building and business contents can be on a replacement cost basis. That means if your property was damaged by fire or another covered peril, we pay to replace it with new or similar items or materials without deduction for depreciation up to the Policy limits.

Roger W. Dwyer can help you decide which of these two ways would best fit your unique needs.

Comprehensive Liability Protection
The Customizer policy for business owners also covers your legal liability to others for accidental events, personal injury, advertising injury, and medical payments.

Tailor Your Policy With Valuable Options
Your choice of Customizer policy options gives you another hand in designing your own insurance protection. The Replacement Cost Safeguard, Water Damage Coverage, and Loss of Income, are just a few of many Customizer policy options that may help you more completely protect your investment.

You’re the best judge of knowing exactly what areas of your investment need special coverage. Together with Roger W. Dwyer, you can choose the options which best complement your insurance program.

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